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No more dead ends.
More happy customers.

Operator is an easy-to-use tool which allows you to create and maintain redirects in a simple and intuitive way.

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Create redirects in the blink of an eye.

We are rethinking the technical aspect of redirects by providing a tool that allows anyone to create a redirect in just a few clicks.

A universal workflow

Maintaining redirects can be a bothersome and challenging responsibility, especially if you work with multiple CMS frameworks.

With Operator you simply add a redirect in the same, effortless way time after time -- no matter the CMS framework you’re using.

Not working with an existing framework? Operator also offers the possibility to create your own integrations with our SDK software development kit.

  • No more broken links.

    Operator automatically checks your redirects everytime you log in, making sure your redirects are working.

  • Making links insightful.

    Operator tracks how often a redirect is used giving you valuable insights in your customers behaviour.

  • Multiple projects, handled with ease.

    Operators bundles your redirects per project making sure you have a clear overview of all your redirects.

We believe a dead link is by far the biggest conversion killer.

  • Tom


    Managing hundreds of redirects for multiple clients across multiple frameworks turned out to be a breeze with Operator.

  • Annabelle

    Webshop manager

    Operator allows me to redirect full domains so customers will find my site no matter if they enter an URL extension with ‘.nl’, ‘.co.uk’ or ‘.com.’

  • Suki

    Online marketeer

    Operator makes being reponsible for hunderds of pages with great Google Ranks feel less technical and bothersome.

Choose the plan that fits your needs.

We start all plans with a free trial that contains 1 hostname, 10 redirect rules and 100 redirects per month. Perfect for testing and development.

  • Small
    • Price per month
    • You can cancel at any time.
    • 1 hostname
    • 100 redirect rules
    • 1K redirects per month
  • Most popular
    • Price per month
    • You can cancel online at any time.
    • 5 hostnames
    • 500 redirect rules
    • 5k redirects per month
  • Large
    • Price per month
    • You can cancel online at any time.
    • 15 hostnames
    • 1500 redirect rules
    • 10k redirects per month

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